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Nishkama Karma(Selfless Service)

Institute functions completely with services from volunteers, with varying experience who offer service as part of spiritual discipline. Hence each resident or course participant is expected to do some service , during the scheduled time.

Donations/Registration Fee

Donations to YCT are exempted from income tax under 80-G. Only cash payments are accepted at this time. No credit card is facility available. For all courses a nominal registration fee is charged.

Institute Rules

  • The Institute welcomes all seekers of peace irrespective of caste, creed, sex, religion or nationality.

  • To maintain the pure atmosphere smoking, alcohol, non-prescription drugs, meat, fish, eggs, garlic or onion are forbidden in the Institute.
  • The Institute sustains a certain level of energy supported by the staff and guests. To maintain the flow of this energy for all, we ask that all guests and residents follow the schedule of events of our daily program.

  • Attendance of all lectures, asana classes, and lectures, is mandatory. Feel free to talk to any of the Yoga teachers to understand the philosophy and principles behind the practice. Please note that guests will be asked to leave the Institute in case of repeated violation of the Institute rules.

  • Modest Dress required, both sexes need to cover shoulders, knees and midriff at all times, including asana class.

  • Donations are per person and cover the cost of food, accommodation and yoga kit. Advance reservation is recommended for all the training courses. Please arrive on the day before the course starts.

  • Email and phone facilities are available during certain timings.

  • The Institute is a charitable, non-profit organization completely supported by dedicated volunteer Karma Yogis. Karma Yoga, service done with love and without selfish expectations, is an essential part of Yoga practice. Guests are invited to participate in the karma yoga tasks for the benefit of the institute, and other guests.


The institute serves as a haven of peace and quiet in this hectic world. To maintain the pure vibration we requests you to abide by the above rules in a spirit of co-operation.

The spirit behind the discipline and rules are to ensure that the institute life discipline is maintained, enabling you to obtain maximum benefit from your spiritual practice. Guests are reminded that institute staff are mostly volunteers with varying experience who offer service as part of their spiritual discipline. Your understanding and patience is appreciated.

We are happy to have the opportunity to serve and wish you a peaceful and rewarding stay.