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PujyasriNarayanaRaoPrabhujiPujyasri Narayana Rao Prabhuji, whose forefathers migrated from Andhra Pradesh to Rangoon, took birth in an ordinary family. Even from his childhood he used to emit spiritual fragrance and learnt Hatha Yoga by serving the sages with all devotion and respect. During these times, he used to help the people through his herbal medicines. He followed strict austerity measures and celibacy and was serving yogis and rishis in order to acquire spiritual progress. He could master the intricacies of yoga in a short period. He trained seriously to gain Samadhi state through yoga practices.

One day while meditating he experienced the presence of a great yogi, who directed him inwardly saying that he should visit an ashram called Raja Yoga Sadhana Ashram at Rishikesh where his spiritual aspiration will be fulfilled. As directed, Sri Narayana Rao Prabhuji went to Rishikesh Ashram. There from the photos exhibited, he could recognize the great yogi whom he saw in his meditation (Dhyana) as Sri Ramlal Prabhuji. When he inquired about the whereabouts of Sri Ramlal Prabhuji he came to know that Sri Ramlal Prabhuji was in penance along with his disciples somewhere in the caves of Himalayas.

Sri Ramlal Prabhuji then directed Sri Narayana Rao Prabhu not to come to him to the Himalayan caves, instead to stay there and to be in meditation. So Narayana Rao Prabhu went into meditation and he could attain Nirvikalpa Samadhi instantly and remained in that state for three days. This is the best example for his meditation power and devotion towards his Guru. Although Sri Narayana Rao Prabhu never met his Guru in person, he was always in tune with him internally. After that Narayana Rao Prabhu left Rishikesh and travelled to several places. During his journey he delivered many spiritual lectures to inspire the people to turn towards spiritualism and guided several aspirants.