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Journey to the Real Self: A book on Yoga Consciousness

Language:  English    Year Published:  2006    Price (Rs.):  325

Author:  Yogacharya Dr Raparthi Rama Rao

Journey to the Real SelfEvery human being relentlessly tries to be happy and free from sorrow at all times. Experience of happiness, totally devoid of sorrow and permanent in nature, is called eternal bliss. This eternal bliss can be experienced only when the mind loses its identity and merges with the Real self.

While Vedanta is connected with the science of self, yoga deals with the methodology of attaining that knowledge of Self by experience. Thus both are interlinked. Hence, a comprehensive system of Anustana Yoga Vedanta is dealt in this book. For the past three decades, this Anustana Yoga Vedanta (practical yoga & Philosophy) was taught to many people of various walks of life and age groups by the author.

It is firmly believed that this book will lead those aspirants of yoga who have strong desire to reach the goal coupled with tenacious determination for self realization.

Divine Voice (Part 1 & Part 2)

Language:  English    Year Published:  2005    Price (Rs.):  20
Author:  Yogacharya Dr Raparthi Rama Rao

Divine Voice
Divine Voice is the compilation of series of articles by Gurudev on sadhana related topics covering both yoga and vedanta. Gurudev lucidly explains the Vedic and Upanishadic concepts applying them to the modern person. Relevant episodes from the Mahabhartam, Bhagavatam and lives of great saints are presented. The articles compiled in the book are useful for the sadhakas to know the real purpose of their life and understand ways to achieve the goal of life i.e. Self-Realization.




Flight To Eternal Bliss

Language:  English    Year Published:  2007    Price (Rs.):  25
Author:  Yogacharya Dr Raparthi Rama Rao

Flight To Eternal Bliss “Anando Brahama” (Bliss is Brhman-God) Thus spoke the Upanishads. Every human being seeks comfort and joy without inviting sorrow. Yet sorrow occurs even without desiring it. There is a state called Bliss – a state beyond happiness and sorrow; which all human beings experience every day during the deep sleep state. The emphatic question raised by seekers of spiritualism is, how to experience this Bliss perpetually. This universal experience can be attained by analyzing the three states of consciousness i.e., wakeful, dream and deep sleep.

The great ancient and intellectually rich Indian tradition has shown ways for human evolution and self-realization. Our Gurudev, who belongs to that great tradition of sages, has graciously bestowed this invaluable gift of his teachings as floral showers of fragrance to quench the spiritual thirst of the sadhakas. This small booklet analyses the three states of consciousness in a dialogue manner answering several doubts of the seekers that might arise on the path to realizing one’s True Self. Methods of practice to remain steadfast in one’ True Self is also explained.

Hand Book on Yoga for Beginners

Language:  English    Year Published:  2006    Price (Rs.):  20
Author:  Yogacharya Dr Raparthi Rama Rao

Hand Book on Yoga for BeginnersWe need peace more than the people of earlier generations. We have more comforts and objects of enjoyment than our ancestors, yet we have no peace which is most essential for enjoying life. In order to overcome the pressures and tensions of the present day, one has to seek solace in the methods enunciated by the great sages of our ancient times. Hence, there is need of Yoga which equips us with necessary qualities to live in peace and harmony.

This booklet deals with basic Asanas, Kriyas and Pranayama and serves as a handbook for beginners. Even a layman, following the instructions contained in the book can reap the benefits of Yoga for Happy and Healthy living.



My Guru Rajayogi Sri Kundala Gangaiah Prabhu

Language:  English     Year Published:  2012     Price (Rs.): 100  ($10)
Author:  Yogacharya Dr Raparthi Rama Rao

My Guru Rajayogi Sri Kundala Gangaiah PrabhuOur Gurudev Yogacharya Raparthi Rama Raoji has presented this invaluable book about the life of his great Guru, Rajayogi Sri Kundala Gangaiah Prabhuji and his methods of training in yoga. He has briefly described the birth and childhood of Sri Gangaiah, his Guru’s meeting with his spiritual master Sri Narayana Rao Prabhuji and his sadhana. Thereafter, our Gurudev explained how he met his Guru, Sri Gangaiah, the training imparted to him by his Guru, his attainment of samadhi and other details which shall inspire any sadhana on the path!




Bilingual – English & Telugu

Yoga Chaitanya Prabha

Language:  Telugu and English     Year Published:  2011     Price (Rs.):  25
Editor:  Prof D. Venkata Rao.

Yoga Chaitanya PrabhaYoga Chaitanya Prabha is the Yoga magazine of Yoga Consciousness Trust which is being published since 1996. It is a monthly magazine and an invaluable tool to all yoga sadhakas and spiritual aspirants, to understand the teachings of Gurudev and apply them in daily life. The magazine contains discourses & articles of Gurudev, articles from Senior Yoga teachers, Sadhakas, articles on yogic sciences.

You can read some of the recent issues of this magazine online at our magazine page




Antarangatarangalu: Excerpts from the Dairies of Yogacharya Dr Raparthi Rama Rao

Language:  Telugu and English     Year Published:  2010     Price (Rs.):  40
Author:  Yogacharya Dr Raparthi Rama Rao

Antarangatarangalu: Excerpts from the Dairies of Yogacharya Dr Raparthi Rama Rao This is an invaluable guide to seekers who want to transcend from the mundane to Divinity! In this book are presented select excerpts from the dairies of Gurudev written during His sadhana days. Some of them are addressed to the Almighty in devotional fervour with heart rendering pleas seeking Him. Also included are the stringent schedules of sadhana that our Gurudev set for Himself which enabled Him to attain Samadhi at the age of 35 while leading a regular householder’s life. These excerpts will serve as guidelines and motivators to seekers.






Yoga Chaitanya Pradeepika

Language:  Telugu    Year Published:  2003    Price (Rs.):  150
Author:  Yogacharya Dr Raparthi Rama Rao

Yoga Chaitanya Pradeepika
This book is the Telugu version of Journey to the Real Self: A book on Yoga Consciousness.








Language:  Telugu    Year Published:  2005    Price (Rs.):  20
Author:  Yogacharya Dr Raparthi Rama Rao

DivyavaniDivyavani is a Telugu version of Divine Voice series.








Niroushadha Chikitsa

Language:  Telugu    Year Published:  2005    Price (Rs.):  30
Author:  Yogacharya Dr Raparthi Rama Rao

Niroushadha ChikitsaIt is a known fact that in modern medical field, the medicines instead of curing the diseases at the root level are suppressing them. Through developing the internal pranic energy in the individual body one can keep the body healthy. The Pranic Energy within us is capable of curing diseases. But it needs to be properly developed, maintained and channelized.

For achieving this without the use of any medicines, our Gurudev brought out the secrets of different alternative systems like Yoga, Mantra, Nada, Magneto-therapy etc., are explained in brief in this small book. We hope all the readers can make use of this to maintain good health and achieve the real purpose of life.



Saasvataanandaniki Cheru(va) Margamu

Language:  Telugu    Year Published:  2006    Price (Rs.):  10
Author:  Yogacharya Dr Raparthi Rama Rao

Saasvataanandaniki Cheruva Margamu This is a Telugu version of the book “Flight to Eternal Bliss”.








Pradhamika Yoga Deepika

Language:  Telugu    Year Published:  2005    Price (Rs.):  20
Author:  Yogacharya Dr Raparthi Rama Rao

Pradhamika Yoga Deepika This is a Telugu version of “Handbook on Yoga for Beginners”.







Sri Guru Hrudayam

Language:  Telugu     Year Published:  2011     Price (Rs.):  325
Author:  Anthevasi

Sri Guru HrudayamThis precious book is a Biography of Gurudev Yogacharya Dr. Raparthi Rama Rao Garu. This book narrates the life story of our Gurudev dwelling in detail His spiritual quest and sadhana. Some of the collected works of our Gurudev are included along with His letters to sadhakas. This book also includes the narrative accounts of sadhakas regarding the guidance, tutoring, personal care and protection of our Gurudev. Their experiences and achievements in spirituality are shared.

The book is a must for aspiring sadhakas and those who want to have a glimpse into the kaleidoscopic life of a Sad Guru and His Godhood!




Sri Gurubhoda Sudhalahari (Part 1)

Language:  Telugu     Year Published:  2011     Price (Rs.):  100
Author:  Yogacharya Dr Raparthi Rama Rao

Sri Gurubhoda Sudhalahari (Part 1) The lectures of Gurudev on Yoga and Vedanta are compiled in this book which deals with 35 important sadhana topics like stages of bhakti, knowledge of one’s self, raja yoga, importance of Guru, influence of food on mind, concentration practice, dharana and others






Shishyunipai Guruparampara Prabhavam

Language:  Telugu     Year Published:  2011     Price (Rs.):  25
Author:  G. Sanyasi Rao

Shishyunipai Guruparampara Prabhavam This book deals with the influence of Guru tradition on the disciple. Authored by a senior sadhaka it presents importance concepts that every disciple or sadhaka has to follow to reach the goal. The unique relationship and bond between the Guru and the disciple is brought out. The guidance and protection of the Guru tradition is nicely explained.