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Anustana Yoga Vedanta – Preliminary Level

Anustana Yoga Vedanta courses are designed for training the aspirant in a step by step manner to learn yoga in a systematic way in the Guru Sampradaya Tradition. The First Course is a basic course for the beginners. The Second Course is for cleansing the body from impurities by performing the necessary kriyas. The Third Course is for purification of nadis by learning and practising necessary pranayama techniques. The Fourth Course is designed for imparting advanced yoga techniques, which aim to prepare the aspirant for attaining Dharana (Chaitanya Darshan) – the Divine experience, which is the Sixth limb in Ashtanga Yoga.

Duration of these courses is One month (Non-residential) or Ten days (Residential). Aspirants who successfully completed one level qualify for training in the next level provided they continue the yoga practices learnt, at home.

This introductory course aims to impart training to the aspirant in basic asanas, simple kriyas and simple pranayama techniques required for general well-being. Theoretical understanding of basic concepts underlying the Yogic science is also imparted. This course is designed in such a way that, after successful completion of this course, the aspirants will be able to do personal sadhana at home, on their own and maintain good health.

In this course the aspirant is trained in the necessary cleansing techniques (kriyas) and thoroughly cleanses the body, and to some extent the mind, from accumulated impurities. This course prepares the aspirant for learning and practicing further advanced yoga techniques since it is essential to have a cleansed body for doing such yoga practices. In this course in addition to the theoretical aspects, practical training in kriyas like sankha prakshalana, uddiyana, kapala bhati etc will be given. Aspirants who completed AYV-I are eligible for this course.

After doing AYV-II (Kriyas) Course, the aspirant will be ready to undergo this pranayama course. Theory on important aspects of pranayama will be covered. Practical training in various types of pranayama with bandhas and their thorough practice is taken-up during this course. This course prepares the aspirant to undergo AYV-IV by cleansing the nadis and training the mind to reach for higher realms in advanced yoga practices.

After the AYC – III (Pranayama) Course, the nadis are purified and time is now ripe for doing advanced yoga technique by focusing the mind in intense concentration practices. This course trains the aspirant in advanced yoga technique like nouli, mudras, thorough practice of concentration techniques and theoretical understanding of Astanga Yoga. Practitioner after this course will become ready to take up Chaitanya Prakasa Yoga Courses which aim to prepare oneself for attaining Dharana (Chaitanya Darshan), the Divine experience, which is the Sixth limb in Ashtanga Yoga.