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Anustana Yoga Vedanta – Final Level

Only those who successfully completed the Chaitanya Prakasa Yoga course are eligible for this advanced, intensive residential course and sadhakas will be selected by Gurudev based on their spiritual advancement. This course aims to achieve the knowledge of Real-self by achieving the state of Samadhi with the help of Kundalini Shakti and by the practice of Vedanta. This is what is known as Self-Realization or Self-emancipation.

This is a Four part course, details are which are given below:

In this course, intense spiritual practices are practiced to keep Dharana (chaitanya) at all times during the wakeful state. Only those who are able to experience that divine consciousness at all times during wakeful state are eligible for Atma Pratyaya Yoga Course-II.

Once one is able to keep Dharana at all times during wakeful state, Further training is given in this course to keep Dharana for all the 24 Hours -at all times and all states i.e,, wakeful, dream and deep sleep sates.

For one who have achieved the state of keeping Dharana at all times, training will be imparted for Meditation, the seventh step of Ashtanga Yoga in its true essence. Once Meditation state is reached, One will become Object that is meditate dupon, with all its characteristics. One who have achieved this state is ready for training for experiencing Samadhi in Atma Pratyaya Yoga Course- IV.

In this course training for final step in Ashanga Yoga – Samadhi is given . In this state one will experience Oneness with Universal Consciousness and become one with that. Once that syte is experienced by merging the individual consciousness into Divine Consciousness, One will become Brahman oneself, as per Sruti saying, Brahma-Vid Brahmaiva Bhavathi. One will be always in a state of Sat-Chit-Ananda in Sahaja Avastha and become beacon of Light for all the others to follow.