gurujihomeHis Holiness Yogacharya Raparti Rama Raoji was born on the night of 30th September 1923 at Vizinigiri, Vizianagaram District of Andhra Pradesh. A sincere devotee right from childhood he practiced ascetic, traditional and devotional methods to attain self-realization……..   [more] 

Yoga Consciousness Trust

Yoga Consciousness Trust (YCT) is a registered public charitable trust formed in 1983 by a group of sadhakas trained by poojya Gurudev His Holiness Yogacharya Raparthi Rama Raoji for the propagation of Anustana Yoga Vedanta…………   [more]

Yoga Chaitanya Ramam, Vizinigiri International Institute of Yoga Research and Training Yoga Teacher’s Training
Ashram1 BhimiliAshram
Yoga Chaitanya Ramam Ashram has a peaceful and relaxing environment to practise yoga The academic and research campus of YCT is at the foot of a hillock near the sea at Bheemili To train qualified and well equipped yoga teachers in traditional as well as scientific advancements

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Browse various publications including English, Telugu and Bilingual including magazine YCT conducts many trainings and courses to develop individual health and personality Latest News about Yoga Consciousness Trust, its affiliates, and announcements