Stay at Ashram

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The Ashram has a peaceful relaxing environment to practice yoga and interact with other spiritual seekers. Simply styled accommodation to suit all requirements is provided. Located among mango grooves and colorful flowerbeds, each building stands separately, connected by garden paths, allowing guests to enjoy a feeling of spaciousness, quietness and serenity.


We recommend registering for all Yoga Consciousness Trust (YCT) courses one month before. We accept applications via post or in person. By post, please include a self-addressed envelope. In the ‘letter of interest’ indicate your personal details including address, your past yoga history and health history. YCT reserves the right to selection.


The amenities include 2 bed sheets, a pillow, a pillow case and a mosquito net.


The centre will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage of your belongings in the centre. Please keep your valuables with you at all times.


Wear loose comfortable loose clothing for asana practice. To maintain the sanctity of the centre, modest dress is required, with shoulders, midriff and legs covered. Tight fitting, transparent and revealing clothing is not permitted in the centre. Changing rooms are available.

What to Bring

  • Light comfortable clothing

  • Umbrella especially June to September

  • Flashlight with some batteries

  • Toiletries and personal items

If you happen to forget any of the specific items, they are usually available in the Store.


Punctuality is important. Latecomers will not be allowed to enter if the class is full or after 20 minutes. Students who are permitted to join a class late should enter the class quietly, without disturbing the other students or altering the provided mat spaces. Classes missed during courses cannot be made up or substituted with classes from another course or with open classes. Students are expected to attend all classes of the course, if students miss more than three classes they may be asked to repeat the course.